began its services in the field of ice machine sanitization, including cleaning, disinfection and quality control, in 2008 and operates throughout Greece and Cyprus until today.

It is approved by the SERACLEAN SERVICES EUROPE organization’s specific standard of disinfection of ice machines with the international classification code (IPC code): Α01Ν 33/12, C11D 1/62 and in addition to this, has proceeded to the certification of the EN ISO 9001 standards.

Our specialization is to provide services against diseases and infections.

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Our services are able to safely manage any microbiological, chemical and physical hazard for all ice machine brands and models.

We make significant investments in both logistical supplies and human resources, covering the whole range of the necessary tasks.

Our company’s policy is to provide services that satisfy, to the maximum extent, the clients’ needs, the specifications and the quality requirements that have been set.

Our aim is to provide immediate as well as reliable technical support, maintain a high level of hygiene, and eliminate the risk of the transmission of infectious diseases, thus placing absolute emphasis on food safety and consumer protection.

In every job we undertake, the ice machines are quality checked by specialized and certified sanitation technicians, who are trained in hygiene and microorganism control and certified by the SERACLEAN SERVICES EUROPE organization.

The impact of this method on public health and its effectiveness were such that our services were quickly accepted by organizations and businesses throughout Greece and Cyprus.

Seraclean is committed to continuing to provide high quality services, placing great emphasis not only on the way it operates, but also on the quality, reliability and safety of the services it offers.

In the mind of every businessman, for the sanitization of ice machines, the name Seraclean is associated with the choice of company with the highest quality standards.

Company certifications

With all legal documents approved, SERACLEAN is certified in the cleaning, disinfection and quality control of ice machines, using the international classification standard (INT.CL): A01N 33/12, C11D 1/62 for the disinfection of ice machines.

Faithfully following the technical manual of this method, we standardized our service and proceeded to the acquisition of the certificates of the EN ISO 9001 series. A clear priority and obligation of our company is the employee health and safety management in the workplace.

Finally, Seraclean is committed to continuing to meet the requirements of its clients, stakeholders, legislation and management.


Certificate of Sanitization of Ice Machines

Seraclean meets all the necessary legal documents for the issuing of a legal and valid certificate of sanitization of ice machines. After each completion of work undertaken by our company's sanitation technician, we issue and send to our clients a corresponding certificate that reports detailed measurable results to document the effectiveness of their ice machine.

Seraclean’s certificate may constitute evidence to safeguard public health, is valid and identifiable by the competent authorities and can be presented to any inspection by a government body or certification body or third party involved or affected person.

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