Ensure the excellent quality of the ice and get rid of the stress of possible contamination.

01. Ice Machine Sanitization

Our company meets all the criteria to sanitize your ice machines, which include their cleaning, disinfection, quality control and certification, with innovative certified procedures to control the result. Based on technological innovations and pioneering methods, certified by state and international bodies.

Check – Clean – Disinfect – Verify – Certify.

The sanitation technician who will take over your ice machine will first check and record the problems related to its hygienic operation and then proceed to address them. Finally, he verifies with measurable results each stage of the application and certifies the ice machine.

02. Integrated Management of Potable Ice

Our company, knowing all the critical control points, has planned to control the stages from the insertion of water to the final consumption of ice, with certified procedures, offering our client the ultimate control of the sanitary safety of potable ice.

The thorough control of the quality and safety of potable ice is a function of a series of strategically selected checks throughout the entire ice production, storage and handling chain.

Water, ice machine, collection, storage, transport and handling are the points that we have to examine – each with different criteria – to check the sanitary safety of potable ice.

Safe, guaranteed potable ice. Seraclean’s integrated management of potable ice.

General Civil Liability Insurance

We strongly believe in the careful and detailed adherence to our procedures and always strive to ensure our service and client satisfaction. Hence, in addition to the certificates, we have arranged for general civil liability insurance from a prominent insurance company.

03. Certified Ice and Water Sampling

Our company is certified for ice and water sampling.

Depending on your requirements, a certified crew with the appropriate equipment comes to your place and takes water and ice samples from places like water coolers, ice machines and water networks such as sink cabinets for washing fresh food, brewery, etc.

The samples are examined in a laboratory accredited by the ESYD for microbiological or chemical analysis. We then communicate the results to our client and provide the relevant results in writing.

04. Electronic Document Management System

For several years now, our company has been operating the platform for issuing and managing certificates through which the clients receive all the documents that accompany our services. For the best and most immediate service to our clients, a record of all our previous services is kept on the platform for up to three years from the current date. Our clients have access to the entire history of our cooperation.

Whenever necessary, our clients can monitor, download, print, and file any document required 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

05. Water Cooler Sanitization

In the context of continuous improvement and with a vision for the sanitization of machines that come into contact with food, we have listened to the problems our clients face with water coolers and have now developed a methodology to solve them.

In this case as well, a procedure similar to the standard (INT. CL8) A01N 33/12, C11D 1/62 of ice machines is followed with a different methodology in cleaning, but with the same quality control elements.