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Ice machine

Commercial ice makers are designed to provide

a large amount of ice on a regular basis

If not disinfected properly, Ideal situations for mold or slime to grow are created, leading to bacteria contaminate the ice.

The proper function of ice makers requires frequent cleaning and disinfection.

Consistent and regular maintenance is required to help keeping the machine working well and to prevent the formation of mineral scale or bacteria build up, posing a health risk to consumers.

Are used typically for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafeterias and health care

facilities for human consumption

or to refrigerate foods.

As ice makers get inspected, most found that never even been cleaned, much less disinfected, often found that most ice makers in the production units are not cleaned and not disinfected ever.

Learn about the dangers

Did you know...

That ice belongs in the same category as any other type of food?


According to the hygiene instructions of the competent authorities (Ministry of Health - EFET-EFSA) periodical cleaning and disinfection of the icemaker is required at a frequency sufficient to avoid any risk of contamination. The frequent disinfection is necessary to reduce the bacteria of the formed bio film.

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