In our country there are applicable regulations for the periodically disinfection of ice machines

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According to Regulation 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the hygiene of food stated:

  • Annex ΙΙ, Chapter ΙΙΙ

    The surfaces that come in contact with food must be in good condition and can be cleaned and when it is necessary to be disinfected.

  • Annex ΙΙ, Chapter V

    All articles, fittings and equipment with which they are in contact with food must be effectively cleaned and necessary disinfected. The cleaning and disinfection should be performed frequently enough to avoid the risk of pollution.

  • Annex ΙΙ, Chapter VII

    Ice which comes into contact with food or which may pollute food should be made from potable water or the ice that it is used to fridge fishery products, should be made also from potable water. Must be prepared, handled and stored under conditions that protect it from pollution.

According to Article 149 of the Code of Food & Drinks (2009 version):

The ice offered for consumption and any use whether it is intended to be made of pure drinking water.

The production of ice must be made with facilities to ensure non pollution.

Organoleptic characters and analytical elements of ice and water after melting, must be the same as those of the water from which it was prepared.

According to the Ministry of Health - EFET (Driver No. 1 for the foodservice and confectionery) general requirements for ice and equipment are as follows:

Chapter VII, Water supply, ice

Where it is necessary, ice must be made from clean and healthy drinking water. This ice must be used, where it is necessary, to avoid pollution of food and should be produced, handled and stored under conditions that protect it from contamination or pollution

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