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We are an innovating company in Europe which has developed a unique disinfecting method with a European patent pending that quarantees efficient disinfection.


Seraclean contemporary disinfection method of ice machines is absolute focus on safety and consumer protection.


Seraclean implements a quality system which meets the requirements of the standar EN ISO 9001:2008, with special reference to ice machine sanitization with no chemicals or no microorganisms residual following the European standards.


The uniqueness of the method based on the use Seraclean disinfectant solution in the form of aerosol, which achieves the complete inactivation of pathogens microorganisms in all parts of the ice maker.

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Health ice machine maintenance

Certificate of cleaning and disinfection

The services are accompanied by the Certificate of Disinfection of the icemaker, which improves:

the neutralization of the pathogen microbiological amount

the absence of chemical residues

The Certificate of Disinfection secures the compliance of the legislative framework concerning the disinfection of the ice machine and can featured in any inspection.

Print now your

Certificate of Disinfection

Print now your certificate of disinfection
Health ice machine maintenance

The certificate can be used as proof for the protection of Public Health and Seraclean company is entirely responsible for the issued certification.

The company

Seraclean is an innovative specialized and certified company in Europe for ice machines disinfecting

Possesses an contemporary disinfecting method that guarantees excellent results

Performs testings throughout the duration of the cleaning and disinfection process verifying the effectiveness of the process

The method

It is effective for a great variety of microorganisms in 99.9% efficacy

Complies with H.A.C.C.P

Includes disinfection of all entire part of the ice machine by spraying sanitizer solution

It is fast, requiring only a short period of the machine being non operating


Records for each ice machine are kept according to quality system. The certificate of disinfection secures the compliance of the legislative framework concerning the disinfection of the ice machine

Issuing Certificates of Disinfection

Seraclean company is entirely responsible for the issued certification

Seraclean company has developed a contemporary disinfecting method with a European patend pending that guarantees efficient cleaning and disinfection ensuring the health of the consumer.

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